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Legendary TableTop

Made to Order: Portable RPG Digital Table Top (TV Included) and Cooling System

Made to Order: Portable RPG Digital Table Top (TV Included) and Cooling System

$1,400.00 USD
Every DM's dream!

Elevate your game night with a digital gaming board for all of your TTRPG's (Tv included). No need to spend thousands of dollars on maps, terrain items, dungeon tiles, and more.

Now with an automated self-cooling system!

With this tabletop you can easily display, use, and switch between:
-High quality maps made by you using numerous map making tools or maps that are easily found already made! (Patreon, dnd maps, reddit etc.)
-Digital video battlemaps with interactive elements!
-Player Profiles for NPCs and PCs.
-Interactive Dungeons
-Scene introduction videos
-Chase Scenes
-Fog of War for your maps
-RPG tools like Roll20 (no need for minis)
-Playing background/battle music to set the mood
-Roll your dice and use minis on the board due to protective plexiglass
-Play video games
-Play digital board games
-And so much more!

Each table is custom made to order with your desired stain finish.

Add LED lights to enhance you and your party's experience!

Handles make it easy to move and store.

Easy to use by plugging into any wall outlet with an extension cord (provided) and by plugging in a computer with and HDMI (included).

Outlets are installed into the board and easily accessed to charge you and your party's electronic devices.

I have been using this system for a few years as a DM so please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. I am more than willing to help you figure out how to best implement this system for you and your game nights!
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